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Prospective applicants are expected to identify a research area of interest prior to apply for candidature.

Prospective students are required to discuss the research proposal as well as availability of supervision and facility to conduct the research with their future supervisors. The research proposal should include:


A. A Title of Research Proposal (It should reflect the research to be carried out);

B. Research Background;

C. Objectives of the Research Proposal (Describe the measurable general and specific objectives of the proposal and define the expected result. Use results-oriented wording with verbs such as "to define...", "to determine...", "to identify...");

D.  Literature Review Summary (Give a summary of your literature review to indicate the originality of the proposed research and describe related research);

E. Research Methodology (Give a summary of the methodology : What techniques, equipment requirements, where and when to be carried out including data analysis techniques);

F. Others (Maximum of 3 pages for Master and 5 pages for Ph.D., Font: Arial 12).